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[[Ki has left the restaurant and is flagging down a taxi outside.]]
Ki: [thinking] As many things Nick and I have in common, our tastes in music are definitely not one of them...

[[She's boarded the cab, and sits back contentedly in the seat.]]
Ki: [thinking] He's more into classical, but I LOVE some good ol' classic rock, especially from the 70s and 80s. That, and just about anything that'll make me laugh...

Ki: [thinking, smiling happily] Just look at this list... Elvis, Chuck Berry, The Doobie Brothers, Billy Joel, Hall & Oates, The Monkees... I can't wait to see this museum's exhibits!

[[Outside the cab she stands in front of a building with the sign "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum". There are no lights, and there's a sign on the closed gates: "Closed for Renovation".]]

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