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[[Sharon and Trudy are walking side-by-side in a clothing store.]]
Sharon: Thanks for going to the mall with me. With Ki out of town, I haven't had much girl time lately.
Trudy: No problem.

Trudy: [dryly] Although I suspected you've been plotting some "sister bonding time" for a while...
Sharon: [with a huge awkward smile] Well, you've been so busy with Nick lately... Digging up memories... with Ki not around...

[[Trudy suddenly finds the sleeve of a dress to be interesting.]]
Trudy: I'm not the only one who's been busy. I understand you finally wore down Fooker's impenetrable resistance...
Sharon: [hands clasped, smiling happily] I know! We're getting married! I'm so excited!

[[Sharon throws her arms around Trudy, who stands awkwardly.]]
Sharon: And until my matron of honor comes back, I plan to celebrate with my favorite sister/bridesmaid!
Trudy: And Ki is coming back when...?

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