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[[Sharon and Trudy are shopping together. Sharon is trying to get Trudy excited about her wedding.]]
Sharon: Aw, c'mon, Ms. Grumpy Face! If you can't squeal over that, you can at least appreciate THIS!
[[Sharon holds her left hand up in front of Trudy's face, showing off a sparkling engagement ring. Trudy's eyes go wide in surprise.]]
Trudy: That's... a REALLY big ring.

Trudy: [eyes narrowed] How in the world could Fooker afford THAT? I'd expect him to twist some networking cable around your finger...
Sharon: [interrupting] Oh, that was just temporary. Besides, that RJ45 plug kept catching on everything.

[[Sharon leans over to whisper conspiratorially to Trudy.]]
Sharon: Apparently being a former secret agent means he still has connections. Something about a maharaja, twin albino eco-terrorists, a lost Soviet nuclear submarine, and the Akbar Shah diamond. Let's just say the maharaja was VERY grateful...

[[Trudy looks extremely skeptical, while Sharon turns the ring around so the stone faces the palm of her hand instead.]]
Sharon: He also said that if I turn it like this, it makes a great bludgeoning weapon to find of lecherous suitors.

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