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[[Trudy and Sharon are sharing some shopping time at the mall. Sharon has been gushing about finally being engaged to Fooker.]]
Trudy: I'm actually impressed. He almost appears to act like a mature adult in a healthy relationship.
Sharon: [hesitantly] Speaking of appearances...

Sharon: You've been spending an awful lot of time with Nick lately. I KNOW you're just trying to recover your memories, but with Ki out of town, it's beginning to look a bit... um...

Trudy: [turning to face Sharon] What? Are people talking about us?
Sharon: Not at the office. WE all know what you're going through, but to those who don't know...

Trudy: [turning away and picking up a shoe] Everything's kosher, Sharon. It's all thinking, talking and research. AND he's been keeping Ki informed the entire time.
Sharon: [still very concerned] OK... If you say so...

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