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[[Trudy and Sharon are sharing some shopping time at the mall. Sharon has brought up her concern about the amount of time that Trudy is spending with Nick (actually Nega-Nick masquerading as "our" Nick).]]
Sharon: I'm just worried about all three of you: You, Nick, and Ki. I don't want anyone to, you know, get the wrong idea...

Sharon: I mean, you KNOW I'd do anything to help you two recover your memories, but given OUR Trudy's history and reputation...
[[Trudy is suddenly surprised by a well-dressed man striding past the store they're in. As Sharon continues talking Trudy crouches behind some boxes to avoid being seen.]]

Sharon: I just don't want the three of you tangled up on some misunderstanding... [She trails off as she notices Trudy] What's... going on?
Trudy: SHH!

[[The two of them watch the well-dressed man walk away from the store they're in.]]
Sharon: [whispering] What's wrong? What did you see?
Trudy: [whispering] A ghost from the past...

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