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[[Trudy and Sharon leave the store they've been shopping in, stepping out into the mall to follow the man that they just watched walk past. Their entire conversation is in whispers.]]
Sharon: You think you saw a ghost?
Trudy: Not a REAL ghost. Someone I once knew.

[[They hide behind a pillar as the man walks into a nearby tuxedo shop.]]
Trudy: There he is, going into that tuxedo store.
Sharon: That old man? Is he an old friend? A relative?

Trudy: [glaring after the man] Neither. That's Reeves, Mom and Dad's old butler. But what is he doing here? Mom hardly went anywhere without him...
Sharon: [sadly] "Mom" and "Dad"...

Sharon: You don't think... Maybe she's nearby...?
Trudy: [very angrily] I almost hop so. For some reason, I'm even angrier with her than usual...

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