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[[Interrupted from their mall shopping experience, Sharon and Trudy are following Reeves, Trudy's parents' old butler. More accurately, Trudy is following Reeves while Sharon is following Trudy. The two converse in whispers as Trudy moves from her hiding place behind a pillar and begins to walk over to the tuxedo shop Reeves has just entered.]]
Trudy: It doesn't make sense for Mom to let Reeves go. He knew too many family secrets. He practically blackmailed her into keeping him on.

Trudy: She tolerated him even after all the underhanded, sexist, perverted things he tried to pull with me growing up. "He's too close to let go," she always said.

Sharon: [puzzled] You know, YOUR Reeves and OUR Reeves MIGHT be totally different. This is a different universe from the one you grew up in...

Trudy: [turning to face Sharon, eyes narrowed] "I" did all that research on "your" universe, remember? Trust me, Reeves is a lecherous, perverted jerk in just about EVERY universe...

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