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[[Trudy and Sharon are hiding outside the tuxedo shop that Reeves, Trudy's parents' old butler, has just entered. Trying to avoid his detection (but being curiously watched by passers-by...) they continue their whispered conversation.]]
Sharon: So... what exactly are we doing here? Do you want to ambush him or something?
Trudy: For now, we observe. I want to know why he's here.

[[The two crouch down at the tuxedo store's window, trying to peer into the shop unobserved.]]
Sharon: Is it entirely impossible that he's just here to buy a new suit?
Trudy: Impossible? No. But if he's still getting paychecks from Mom, he can afford better.

[[The two face each other, arguing over Reeves.]]
Sharon: My point is that his being here may be completely innocent. Is it really so important that we spy on him?
Trudy: NOTHING Reeves does is innocent. He's ALWAYS up to something.
[[A voice from over their heads interrupts them.]]
Voice: You must understand...

[[Surprised, Sharon looks up to see Reeves standing next to them, casually examining the cuffs of his sleeves. Trudy doesn't move.]]
Reeves: [continuing] After years of her mother's tutelage, Miss Trudy comes by her obsessive paranoia quite naturally.
Trudy: [not moving] Hello, Reeves.

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