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[[After being discovered by Reeves, Trudy and Sharon are talking to him outside the tuxedo store.]]
Reeves: I dare say you must be out of practice, mum, if you allowed yourself to be discovered so easily. Do you remember NOTHING that I taught you so many years ago?

Trudy: [angrily] From which, the private "Espionage" lessons you gave me, or all the times I caught you spying on me...?
Reeves: Oh, never, mum. From all the times you DIDN'T catch me spying on you, to be sure...

[[Reeves turns to Sharon, who's still trying to take in the situation.]]
Reeves: Ah, and this must be Madam's long lost daughter. Yes, the resemblance is striking: The same bright, vibrant eyes, the elegant nose, those firm, round voluptu--
Trudy: [interrupting] And how would you know about THAT?

[[Reeves turns away, modestly]]
Reeves: Please, Miss Trudy. I was your mother's sole trusted confidant for decades. Who do you think helped conceal your sister's birth from your father...?

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