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[[Sharon and Trudy follow Reeves into the tuxedo shop. Reeves gestures at the stock in the shop.]]
Reeves: If you are interested in something for the gentlemen in your lives, may I direct you to our fine selection of silk ties...
Trudy: [interrupting] What are you doing here?

Reeves: I thought that was readily apparent. I am TRYING to earn a sizable commission...
Trudy: [coldly] You have to WORK here to earn a commission.

Reeves: [looking down, straightening a shelf] Alas, I'm afraid I do. Regrettably, I am no longer under your mother's employ, and have not been for some time. As disconcerting as unemployment may be, I have learned to make do on more... MODEST means.

Trudy: [smirking] You poor thing. You had to sell your expensive collection of diamond ballerinas, didn't you?
Reeves: Some were priceless family heirlooms, but sadly sacrifices must occasionally be made.

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