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[[Sharon and Trudy continue their conversation with Reeves inside the tuxedo shop where he works.]]
Reeves: Being a butler for nearly 30 years does not lend one's self to many varied employment opportunities...
Sharon: [concerned] Surely you have secondary skills you could fall back upon...

Reeves: [straightening a shirt on one of the displays] Oh, I did serve in Her Majesty's Royal Marines. Was even wounded in the Falklands before I was forced to discharge. That was before Madam Esther took me in, of course.

Reeves: But sadly there are only so many professions where knowing 194 ways to kill a man comes in handy, and my injuries did not lend well toward any of them. But it did prepare me for my future duties...

Sharon: [suspiciously] How did being a marine prepare you to become a butler...?
Reeves: [smugly] If you knew some of the "clients" who came to Madam's front door, you'd understand...

References: A couple of Wikipedia links: British Royal Marines; Falklands War
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