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[[Sharon and Trudy continue their conversation with Reeves in the tuxedo shop where he works. Reeves is straightening the stock in the shop while he talks.]]
Trudy: Mom would never have let you go so easily. You knew far too much about her "operations".
Reeves: Perhaps at one time, but not anymore.

Trudy: I don't understand...
Reeves: Madam Esther's "business" has always evolved over time, but in recent years it has taken a... UNIQUE turn.

Reeves: She has become more increasingly mobile, rarely staying in one place for long and changing aliases almost daily. And ever since she hooked up with that new "partner" of hers...

Trudy: [interrupting] WHAT new partner?
Reeves: Dapper fellow, older chap, a military man I'm certain. I'd give you his name, as you know I never forget, but he took great pains to avoid telling me one.

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