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[[Sharon and Trudy continue their conversation with Reeves in the tuxedo shop where he works. Reeves is straightening the stock in the shop while he talks.]]
Sharon: "A military man"? I thought Mom was very distrusting of men and rarely had them close to her, let alone a "partner".
Trudy: What else can you tell us about this man?

Reeves: There is little TO tell, I'm afraid. I only met him once, and even then no introductions were made. Given your mother's history of business associates, that should come as little surprise.

Reeves: He was thereafter referred to by Madam only as "my partner", and then with thinly veiled contempt. This continued for a few months, followed shortly by her selling the mansion and handing me a sizable severance.

[[Trudy and Sharon exchange suspicious looks.]]
Reeves: I'm afraid that at that point I lost track of Madam Esther and her pretty young associates. It was as if they simply vanished from the face of the Earth...

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