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[[Sharon and Trudy continue their conversation with Reeves in the tuxedo shop where he works. Reeves is straightening the stock in the shop while he talks, and has gathered a stack of folded stock and starts to carry it away.]]
Reeves: If you'll excuse me...
Sharon: [interrupting] What about our Dad? Have you heard from him?

Reeves: [pausing and turning to them] If your sister has not made you aware, your father is an agent of the FBI. I'm afraid he has been undercover for some time, and I have not heard from him for the duration.

Reeves: If ANYONE might know your mother's whereabouts, it may be him. She has been his exclusive assignment for years. But I have an inventory to take, so unless you are planning a purchase, I beg your leave.

Reeves: Unless, of course, the two of you were to begin a debate by stripping down to your skivvies and writing around in some lime Jell-o...
[[Sharon glares, while Trudy appears unsurprised and simply turns to leave.]]
Trudy: Good-bye, Reeves.

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