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[[Sharon and Trudy continue their conversation, discussing the things they've learned from their recent encounter with Reeves.]]
Sharon: Is there anywhere you can think of that Mom might lay low?
Trudy: Reeves would know most of her hiding spots. If she's "vanished from the face of the Earth" she's not at any of them.

Sharon: [concerned] I certainly hope he didn't mean that literally...
Trudy: [concentrating intently] "Beware the Colonel and... the Key Master..."

Sharon: [confused] Where did THAT come from?
Trudy: Something someone told me once... Nick, I think. But I can't remember when or where. Somehow, it felt relevant.

Sharon: Well, a "colonel" would definitely be a "military man". [[She smiles.]] Too bad "Esther Matusevitch" doesn't translate to "key master"...
Trudy: [grimly] No... But "Diederich" might... as would "Lakatos"...

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