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[[Sharon and Trudy continue discussing their recent conversation with Reeves. Some of the pieces are starting to come together.]]
Sharon: Diederich? As in Diederich Pharmaceuticals?
Trudy: It's German. I typically means "ruler of the people", but it can also mean "skeleton key".

Sharon: [confused] But what does that have to do with Lakatos? Besides being a big pharm company...
Trudy: "Lakatos" is Hungarian for "Locksmith", and Mom always had a gift for languages...

Sharon: So... Since Mom was involved with Diederich, you think she was involved with Lakatos as well?
Trudy: It's possible, but aside from the name there's no evidence to back that up.

Sharon: [concentrating] Wasn't Lakatos on that list of companies with unusually high concentrations of female upper management, along with Diederich?
Trudy: [smiling] OK, that's TWO bits of evidence...

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