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[[Sharon and Trudy continue their conversation, discussing the things they've learned from their recent encounter with Reeves. They're making progress, some of the pieces surrounding Lakatos and Diederich are coming together.]]
Sharon: OK, if Mom was behind both Diederich AND Lakatos, do you think she might know what happened to you there? How you lost your memory?
Trudy: I lost my memory in that car wreck, not at the resort.

Sharon: [sadly, suddenly realizing] Fooker said the resort burnt down... You don't think...?
Trudy: She was probably gone long before the match was struck, if she didn't strike it herself.

Trudy: [concentrating] But if that makes Mom "The Key Master", I wonder who "The Colonel" is...
Sharon: [grinning] It's funny. Fooker was just telling me about his father who's an army colonel...

[[Sharon breaks off talking, and they both stare at each other in surprise.]]

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