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[[Trudy and Sharon are driving away from the mall, still trying to make some connections with regard to what they've learned.]]
Sharon: So... Should we tell the others about this? Nick, Fooker, Ki...
Trudy: What is there TO tell?

Trudy: We have only a vague suspicion based on one or two circumstantial links that our mom MAY have been involved with Lakatos. We have a half-remembered warning that only tangentially references Fooker's dad.

Sharon: You said Nick told you that warning. Maybe he might remember it, or Fooker's heard it too.
Trudy: Maybe, maybe not. God knows Fooker knows EVERYONE'S secrets...

Trudy: No, there's no point burdening them until we have something more substantial. For now, we'll keep this a sister thing.

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