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[[Trudy and Sharon are driving away from the mall, still trying to make some connections with regard to what they've learned.]]
Sharon: OK... So today had a few... unexpected surprises. [[She smiles hopefully.]] But we still got to spend some sister time together, right?
Trudy: [shrugging] Mrhm.

Sharon: [conspiratorially] Maybe our mom is plotting some diabolical scheme somewhere, but someday we'll find her and put a stop to her plans as a sisterly dynamic duo!

Sharon: [turning, smiling at Trudy] Until then, I have a wedding to plan, you have some memories to resurrect, and we have our friends to keep us company. Nothing could be better!

[[We see their car driving off into the sunset.]]
Sharon: I'l bet this coming year will be one we'll never forget.

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