General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[A man, supposedly Odysseus of ancient myth, with a full mustache and beard and wearing a toga and a circlet, looks annoyed with a woman wearing a two-layered dress, who is standing slightly above him, in front of an ancient Greek building. The woman gestures, as if making some sort of proclamation.]]
Voiceover: "After he bested the witch-goddess Circe, the sorceress gave Odysseus two alternatives for his route home, both of which were fraught with peril."

[[An ancient Greek ship is tossed on a rough sea, which dashes a wave against a cliff.]]
Voiceover: "One path would take him past the Planctae, the 'wandering rocks', which only one ship -- Jason's Argo -- had successfully navigated, and then only under the protection of Hera, Queen of the Gods."

[[An island topped with a huge, wide tree is next to a large whirlpool in the distance. Closer to the viewer, we see a mountainous island grasped by very large talons, and the silhouettes of tentacles and heads on the far side of this island.]]
Voiceover: "The other path, the one Odysseus chose, would take him between two terrifying monsters: the hideous Hydra-like Scylla and the ravenous whirlpool Charybdis..."

References: More Wikipedia references: Circe; The Planctae; Jason; Hera
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