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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Hideous, triangular jaws at the ends of long necks menace the viewer.]]
Voiceover: "With a terrible howl, Scylla would shoot forth its six heads, each laced with inescapable jaws, sweeping away a man from the deck in each. Without the utmost haste, his entire crew would be devoured."

[[An ancient Greek ship sails dangerously near a huge whirlpool.]]
Voiceover: "Yet the gaping maw of Charybdis would swallow Odysseus' ship whole, dragging both man and vessel to the ocean depths with no hope of escape."

[[Man with full mustache and beard wearing a toga and circlet (Odysseus), grimly holds fast to a mast on the deck of the ancient Greek ship.]]
Voiceover: "And such was Odysseus' dilemma: Should he risk losing his men to Scylla by avoiding Charybdis, or spare his crew from the monster's jaws to lose everything to the whirlpool?"
Voiceover Johnson: "I fail to see the relevance, sir."

[[Colonel Lionel Barker, in a dress U.S. Army uniform, turns his head from a window looking out into a starscape, to look at Mr. Johnson.]]
Lionel: No. I suppose you wouldn't.

References: Scylla and Charybdis on Wikipedia; Colonel Lionel Barker in the GPF Wiki
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