General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Colonel Lionel Barker stands in uniform behind a window in what appears to be a cave, with another uniformed man behind him in shadow. A black, star-filled sky is clearly visible outside the window.]]
Johnson: You are Colonel Lionel Barker, sir. Chief liaison to--
Barker: [interrupting] And YOU are dismissed, Mr. Johnson.
Johnson: Yes, sir.

[[Johnson turns and walks away, into the shadows. Barker carefully watches him over his shoulder.]]
Barker: [thinking] Typical. How little they understand us, even after all I've taught them. Usually they're better at sharing knowledge amongst themselves, but this latest batch...

Barker: [thinking] So much uncertainty... Where just recently everything seemed so clear. But the path before us is so obvious, there is nowhere else to turn. There is only one path, and I must see it to its bitter end.

[[Colonel Barker turns to face the window, his reflection visible.]]
Barker: When all is said and done, when the carnage ends and we tally our losses, will THEY see this for the necessary sacrifice that is is... or will I be condemned as a traitor?

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