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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Colonel Barker continues his mental monologue. He stares sadly at his opened wallet.]]
Colonel: Oh, Madeline... If only I had listened to you when I had the chance... So many opportunities I missed, and I have only myself to blame...

[[We see the picture that he's staring at in his wallet. A pretty woman stands flanked by two taller boys, obviously much younger versions of Fooker and Jason.]]
Colonel: The boys will likely never understand, but I am doing this for them... for ALL of us. If only I could make them see what I have seen, maybe they would stand by my side, united for once... For all...

[[His expression grows determined, and he quickly closes the wallet.]]
Colonel: But that is of no consequence. What I have done cannot be undone. The course is set. There is no turning back now.

[[With his back to the reader, Barker stares out the window into starry blackness beyond it.]]
Colonel: May God--and my sons--forgive me... For what I do now, I do for the sake of the entire human race...

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