General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Having finally got the team's attention from their smartphones, Duane continues the meeting.]]
Duane: AHEM! Scott, you're up.
Scott: M-my apologies, Master Duncan. We art only testing our latest creation, as noted in thy agenda.

Tim: It's our second foray into mobile development, another idea from Mr. Jones Junior. It's a geo-location game with the working title of "Friend Field".
[[Tim and Scott's phones each make a sound as they're move closer together.]]

Scott: Ye app doth scan the ethers for thy friends, where art they may be, and verily reports their location, by which ye scoreth points. The more friends ye have, the higher thy rank in ye leaderboards.

Duane: [glaring] Is THAT what that annoying sound is?
Tim: Yes sir. It's, um, a placeholder. It's... just a recording of Dexter saying "blorp" for now.

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