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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[Comic for Wednesday, November 27, 2013]


[[The staff meeting at GPF headquarters continues, as Dwayne cycles through the status of all the teams.]]
Dwayne: Dex, how's the upgrade to our customer support software coming?
Dex: All done, except for some fine tuning Fred and I need to do. We'll tackle that this afternoon.

Dwayne: [turning to Fred] What about the PBX software?
Fred: We've put that off to tomorrow. I... have an errand to run at lunch, and Dex and Patty are helping me with it.

[[Dwayne looks over at Sharon and Fooker as he finishes his instruction to Fred. Sharon is sitting close to Fooker with her hand on his arm.]]
Dwayne: Just get your hours in is all I ask. Sharon, Fooker, you're off this afternoon?
Fooker: And tomorrow. We, uh, have a few... preparations to make.

Dwayne: [smiling] Ah, yes. So is that appointment still scheduled for next week?
Sharon: [brightly] Next Wednesday at the courthouse at noon. Casual dress is fine, but everyone's invited.

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