General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) continues his mental conversation with the alien fused to his nervous system as he walks through the halls at GPF headquarters.]]
Nega-Nick: Face it, E.T. Ever since we were fused, I've gained the upper hand. You can't control me, you can't contact your friends, and you no longer set our agenda.
Alien: That may be, but YOU are as much an outsider here as I.

Alien: You may have fooled these humans thus far, bu you are getting careless. Sloppy. Some are beginning to take notice. Some will form doubts.
Nega-Nick: Barker's smart. But if he suspects, he hasn't shown his hand.

Alien: I'm referring to your needless pursuit of Trudy. You are spending far too much time with her.
Nega-Nick: [a confused look crossing his face] So what? The "real" Nick is so straight-laced none of his friends would suspect him of infidelity.

Alien: I'm speaking about TRUDY. She is cunning and intelligent. You have deceived her thus far, but she WILL see through your ruse eventually.
Nega-Nick: [grinning evilly] When she does, it will be AFTER I've broken her.

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