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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trudy and Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) continue talking as they get ready to leave for Underwood Insurance. Nega-Nick is finally fastening his seat belt as they get ready to leave.]]
Nega-Nick: So is there anything ELSE I should be warned about before we get there?
Trudy: [looking at her PDA] Well, there WAS one thing...

Trudy: Ms. Underwood likes to break the ice with exotic foods. When I went down to win the account we had Pho Xao at a Vietnamese place.

Trudy: This time she wants us to try her great-grandmother's haggis recipe, but I have no idea what that is...
Nega-Nick: [consulting his smartphone] It's Scottish, but this is where Wikipedia is your friend.

[[He pauses.]]
Trudy: Well...?
Nega-Nick: [looking guardedly at his smartphone] Wikipedia and I are no longer on speaking terms.

References: Handy Wikipedia links: pho, haggis
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