General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Sharon and Fooker are in Sharon's car, discussing wedding plans while she drives. The topic of Fooker's father as a possible wedding guest has come up.]]
Sharon: I don't suppose there's any hope we might contact your father...
Fooker: [sadly, leaning his head on his hand] He'd show up for my funeral before we'd see him at a wedding.

Sharon: [smiling hopefully] There's... someone else I know who would love to be there. Persephone loved Ki's--
Fooker: [interrupting] Don't go there, Red.

Sharon: Look, I know you and Fred had a falling out, but Persephone is a sweetheart. She hasn't wronged anyone. She could hide in Ki's purse or--
Fooker: [getting angry] Sharon, don't. OK?

Sharon: [seriously] I'm not asking her to be a bridesmaid, Fooker. She's a friend. She deserves to be there.
Fooker: [angrily] No molds. Not green, not yellow, not plaid. End of story.

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