General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Sharon and Fooker are in Sharon's car, discussing wedding plans while Sharon drives. They're having a bit of an argument regarding having Fred and Persephone at the wedding.]]
Fooker: Look, I'm sorry. I don't WANT to pick a fight. I'm just under a lot of stress and the whole "mold mess" just makes me... stressier.
Sharon: [dryly] Apparently.

Fooker: [uncomfortably] I'm already nervous about this wedding bit. Trust me, it's my LOVE for ya that's the only thing keeping me from fleeing in mindless terror.
[[Sharon smiles a little.]]

Fooker: But the thing between me and Fred... I can't explain it, not yet. There's a time and place, but this isn't it. I SWEAR I'll fill you in someday, but... not now, OK?

[[Sharon smiles.]]
Sharon: OK... for now. I'll hold you to that. I don't like keeping secrets from each other.
[[Fooker's expression grows dark, and he drags his knees to his chest again.]]
Fooker: Wouldn't dream of it.

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