General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Sharon and Fooker have arrived at this destination, and are leaving the car to walk to Fooker's apartment.]]
Sharon: At least tell me you won't flip out if I take some wedding cake over to Dexter's for the molds.
Fooker: Let it sit out for a couple weeks first. Pers likes it stale'n'fuzzy.

[[Sharon takes Fooker's arm and smiles happily as they start walking.]]
Sharon: I like hearing you talk about Persephone without clenching your teeth.
Fooker: I'd clench my teeth less if we switched topics.

Sharon: You DID know that Ki has Patty and Dex planning a surprise reception at the office after the wedding, right?
Fooker: [surprised] Aw, crap. So much for slipping out of town quietly.

[[The two start to climb the stairs to Fooker's apartment.]]
Fooker: Promise me the won't let the big guy dance. The building's foundation...
Sharon: [smiling] Are you sure? He can really cut a rug when he wants to...

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