General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Sharon and Fooker have opened the door to Fooker's apartment. As they enter, Sharon freezes and stops short, staring into Fooker's apartment with her eyes wide in shock. Fooker, not immediately noticing, continues the conversation they started while climbing the stairs to his apartment.]]
Fooker: At least tell me we can sneak out and catch our flight... [[He notices Sharon's immobility.]] Sharon...?

[[The perspective changes and we see the interior of Fooker's apartment as well. A battered Mr. Inertia sits cross-legged on the floor, the top half of his head and part of his chest hinged open revealing circuitry and machinery. Fooker's brother Justin is sitting in a dilapidated chair. He is obviously bruised and scraped, with a bandage around his head. More surprising, however, is the presence of two "Grey" aliens, one bandaging Justin's wrist while the other tends to "Mr. Inertia's" internal circuitry. Justin turns in his chair and faces Fooker and Sharon, an apologetic and apprehensive look on his face.]]
Justin: Um, hi, Bro. I... might need to explain a few things...


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