General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Chapter two begins. Patty, Trish, Dex, and Fred are in Patty's car, heading for their confrontation with the mysterious "Socrates." We see them in their car, driving through past some stores and an "OOPS" truck.]]
Patty: I'm not familiar with this part of town. Where to now, Dex?
Dex: Take the second left.

Trish: [from the back seat] I-I've n-never c-confronted a s-stalker b-before...
Dex: Me either. Now BEING the stalker..

Fred: [also in the back seat] Back when I was famous, I had "people" to take care of things like this, although none of them ever managed to track Socrates down.

Dex: [turning to face Fred, and flashing a "thumbs up"] That's because they didn't have our smarts and tenacity!
Fred: Tenacity I'll give you, but let's not get over congratulatory...

References: Where we last left this group; Dexter's stalker experiences: (1) (2)
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