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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fred and Trish are riding in the back seat of Patty's car. As the car goes over a bump a muffled voice comes from a gym bag at Trish's feet.]]
Voice: MRPH!
Fred: [looking down at the bag] Oh, no...

[[Fred drops down to the bag and unzips it, and Persephone's "head" rises out of it.]]
Fred: Persephone! I thought I asked you to stay at Dex's apartment!
Persephone: I know, Fred, but I just couldn't let you face this alone...

[[Trish sees Persephone, and an excited expression crosses her face.]]
Trish: Omigosh! Th-th-there's TWO of you!
Fred: Oh, yeah. We've kept Persephone's existence a secret to protect her. Pers, this is Trish.

[[Trish picks up Persephone and hugs her to her chest with a smile of pure bliss.]]
Trish: Y-you're s-so cute and l-lovable and h-huggable and y-y-yellow...
Persephone: [looking down at Fred] I like this one. Let's keep her.

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