General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Dex, Trish, Patty, and Fred have discovered Persephone is a stowaway on their trip to confront "Socrates."]]
Dex: Persephone, this might be dangerous. You shouldn't have stowed away like that.
Persephone: I know, but...

Persephone: When I found out you were confronting "Socrates" today, I COULDN'T stay away. He's bothered Fred for so long, and if something happened to him, I... I...

Trish: [opening her purse] H-how about y-you hide in my p-purse? Th-then you'll h-hear everything b-but still s-stay h-hidden!
Persephone: Trish is now officially my new B.F.F.

Patty: That's fine, so long as you remember to stay quiet.
Dex: [pointing out the front window of the car] We're here.

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