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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fred, Dex, Trish, and Patty (and Persephone, in Trish's purse) have arrived at the address they have for "Socrates." They've parked in front of the wall around the city dump, and are looking at a building with the sign "Foreman's Junk & Salvage."]]
Dex: It's the old abandoned junk yard next to the city dump. I THOUGHT the address looked familiar.

[[They exit the car. Dex is carrying Fred.]]
Trish: R-really? H-have you b-been hear b-before?
Dex: It's... a long story...

Fred: Great. All this way for a dead end.
Patty: [suspiciously examining the building] Abandoned buildings don't need power, phone, and cable lines... or have lights on inside.

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