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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Dex, Patty, Trish, and Fred (and Persephone, silent in Trish's purse) stand outside the office of the "abandoned" junk yard next to the city dump.]]
Fred: Oh, crap... This is really happening. Maybe we should turn back...
Patty: Not until we have some answers. Dex won't let anything happen, Fred.

[[Patty knocks on the door.]]
Patty: Hmm. No answer. Big surprise. Dex?
Dex: I'll check the side.
[[Dex moves to the side of the building.]]

Trish: [watching Dex from the corner of the building] W-well?
Dex: [grimacing] Window's open, but all I see is trash inside. It reeks almost as bad as next door.

[[Dex is joined by the rest of the party.]]
Fred: Patty, you climb inside. You're the smallest human, and it would take me forever to ooze over and unlatch the door.
Patty: I hate it when he's right...

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