General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Inside the abandoned junk hard building, Patty, looking disheveled, opens the door to the outside while Dexter stands in the doorway, holding Fred in one hand and one of the boards that was nailed over the door in the other.]]
Patty: When I get home, I'm going to shower for a week.
Fred: Yeah, well, now you know what I think of your perfume.

[[Dexter, Trish, Patty survey the room, which is disgusting and littered with trash. Dexter still holds Fred in one hand.]]
Dexter: [Wrinkling his nose] I never thought I'd see anywhere worse than Fooker's apartment...
Trish: [Looking to the side] W-what's this over h-here?

[[Patty approaches a cork board covered with papers tacked to it. Dexter holds Fred closer so he can see as well.]]
Patty: It's... a time line all about you, Fred. The trial, all your media appearances, your... cookbook?
Fred: Yeah. That, um, flopped.

[[Trish and Patty lean in to examine the board, while Dexter extends his hand to put Fred in between them.]]
Patty: Look at these handwritten notes. Someone has been tracing your entire life ever since you became famous, including guessing your whereabouts.
Trish: C-c-creepy...

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