General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Her conversation with Annette Morris over, Trudy walks through the hall at Underwood Insurance. Her face is bleak as she tries to remember ...]
Trudy: [thinking] Lovely... A nice, semi-formal dinner at a romantic restaurant. Fooker was right: It's the makings of Lakatos all over again...

Trudy: [thinking] It's as if the universe keeps conspiring against me. I SWORE to Ki that, as far as I knew, I NEVER interfered with her and Nick's relationship, but every time we end up alone together...

Trudy: [thinking, a grimace crossing her face] It's that blasted "link"... Ever since THAT happened, I've had more and more difficulty controlling myself around him. It's as if it somehow tore down barriers I build to shield myself from... what...?

[[Images of Empress Trudy (her future self) and the Gamester fill her mind.]]
Trudy: [thinking] So many things I've buried keep resurfacing... Not my memories of that night, but... the nightmares...

References: Fooker's prediction; Trudy's promise to Ki (1) (2); "The link"; Trudy's nightmares
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