General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[["Nega-Nick" and Trudy walk down a hotel hallway, side by side.]]
"Nega-Nick": Kind of embarrassing, Annette assuming we were dating...
Trudy: Y-yeah. Awkward.

[[Trudy approaches the door with her key card, turning backwards towards Nick.]]
Trudy: You know, this feels somewhat familiar. I wonder if we had a similar conversation at Lakatos...

[[Trudy drops the key card, and Nick goes to grab it midair.]]
Trudy: Oops!
"Nega-Nick": I've got it!

[[Trudy and "Nega-Nick" look at each other with apprehension, while Trudy grasps the key card. "Nega-Nick" grasps Trudy's hand with his own.]]

References: Could this be the conversation Trudy almost remembers?
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