General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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Notice: This strip is atypical of most GPF comics and includes situations of a somewhat adult nature. (Sure, it's tame by most webcomic standards, but pretty racy for GPF. I've caught flak before for not offering such a warning, so here it is.) Viewer discretion is advised. Scroll down for the strip.

[Comic for Wednesday, February 19, 2014]


[[There is no dialog in this strip. We see Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) and Trudy immediately following their kiss in the previous strip. Nega-Nick, glasses askew, is removing his suit jacket as Trudy pulls his tie to keep him close to her. She opens the door to let them into her room.]]

[[The two kiss passionately as Nega-Nick, suit jacket missing and shirt un-tucked, unzips the back of Trudy's dress.]]

[[Nega-Nick eases a strap from Trudy's dress off of her shoulder as she loosens his belt.]]

[[Nega-Nick is laying atop Trudy with her dress pushed up and her legs around him.]]

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