General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[We see Fooker and Sharon in Fooker's apartment. Fooker has a green scanning grid being projected over his face and upper chest. The grid is being projected from a small box held by an odd-looking gray hand. The owner of the hand is off-panel.]]
Voice: [off-panel] Scan for infestations complete. They're clean.

[[The perspective changes to another view of Fooker's apartment. We still see Fooker, but now we see Justin and two Grey aliens. One of the aliens is holding the box that was just used to scan Fooker. That one has a stern expression, while the other breaks out in a relieved expression.]]
Alien: That's a relief! We heard your company might be infiltrated, but at least you two can be trusted!
Alien: Let's not go so far as trust.

Fooker: [pointing at the stern alien] Hey, I KNOW you...
Alien: Yes, you're reject XB3-239. I know. We "studied" you once. And I am drone #3141592 and this is drone #6626068...

[[Sharon interrupts by engulfing both aliens in a huge hug. #6626068 responds with a happy, almost dreamlike expression, while #3141592 seems more annoyed than anything else.]]
Sharon: It's Pi and Plank!
#3141592: Who precisely is this human female and why is she crushing me...?

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