General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin, Fooker, Sharon, and the two Greys (#3141592 and #6626608, or "Pi" and "Planck") are in Fooker's apartment. Justin is recounting events at the U.G.A. to Fooker, while Sharon is bringing out drinks and the two Greys work on the Inertia mech.]]
Justin: ... So in one fell swoop, "Amadeus" was out and Dad was back in charge of the U.G.A.

Fooker: [concentrating hard] Go back to these "screenings" you mentioned. Did you ever find out what those were about?
Justin: I was just about to get to that...

[[The scene changes to Justin's memories as narrates. We see Justin and Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12) standing outside a door in U.G.A. headquarters. Agent #18 is escorting two U.G.A. agents into the door.]]
Justin: "Maddie and I managed to avoid our 'screenings' long enough to observe several transitions..."

[[The two agents are now coming out of the door. Both of them have dazed expressions, and their clothes are in disarray and show dampness on the shoulders. Agent #18 stands nearby with a slight smirk.]]
Justin: "Even though the screenings were supposed to be observed by at least one unscreened agent, NOBODY came out of that room quite the same..."

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