General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Deep in the U.G.A. secret base, Agent #18 (who is now secretly controlled by aliens), confronts Agent #12 (Maddie O'Hara) and Justin Barker.]]
Agent #12 (Maddie): And why would we be talking about _you_, the Colonel's apparent new favorite pet?
Agent #18: [Smiling evilly] Just a hunch. By the way, you're up.

[[The view flips. As Justin confronts Agent #18, another U.G.A. agent appears in the doorway.]]
Justin: Now wait just a--
Agent: _There_ you are! We've got a code 504! Unidentified E.M. transmission somewhere on base!

[[Agent #18 turns to face the new agent while Justin clenches his fist, staring at #18. Maddie looks toward Justin.]]
Agent #18: It's time for #12's screening. #6 and I will investigate--
Justin: _Excuse_ me, but we both out-rank you. #12 and I will check this out.

[[Justin and Agent #18 look ready to come to blows. Maddie places her hand on Justin's shoulder to restrain him.]]
Agent #18: It's _time_ for her screening. Colonel's orders.
Agent #12 (Maddie): It's OK, Galahad. I'll be fine. If he's with you, _you_ can keep an eye on shades here.

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