General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin's narration continues. Justin (Agent #6) and Agent #18 are searching one of the U.G.A's tunnels for the unidentified EM transmissions they've detected. Both have pistols at the ready; Justin is carrying a tracking device that's following the EM signals (and emitting a faint sound), while Agent #18 holds a powerful flashlight.]]
Justin: [narrating] "#18 and I managed to track the signal down to one of the maintenance corridors deep in the sub-levels..."
Justin: [whispering to #18] It's getting stronger. Just a few meters ahead.

[[We see Justin and Agent #18 looking down a side tunnel from a tunnel intersection.]]
Justin: [narrating] "Needless to say, what we found was the last thing we expected..."
Agent #18: $&!%

[[Back in Fooker's apartment #6626068 ("Planck") interrupts Justin's narration.]]
#6626068: [excitedly] This is where WE come in! Based on the mounting evidence, we felt the need to break radio silence and warn the Skaboola of what we found...

[[The view shifts back to the tunnels from the narration. We see the two Greys illuminated by Agent #18's flashlight. They're working on an open panel in the tunnel wall. #6626068 holds a cut wire, while #3141592 works inside the panel. Both are looking back over their shoulders toward the light, #6626068 with a fearful expression while #3141592 looks angry at being disturbed.]]
#6626068: [narrating] "We knew there was a risk we'd be discovered, but we hadn't counted on it being so soon..."

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