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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin continues his narration of the events in the U.G.A. tunnels. Justin has been released by #6626068 (Planck) and is standing, holding his pistol. Their entire conversion consists of hurried whispers.]]
#6626068: You don't seem surprised at our appearance...
Justin: I've seen your kind before.
#3141592 (Pi): Let me guess: In an "alternate universe..."

Justin: What did you mean by "clean" and "compromised"? You know what happened to Agent #18?
#3141592: That human has been enslaved by the Physarics. If he's lucky, he may one day be freed. For now, he's an enemy.

Justin: "Physarics"?
#6626068: That's what we call them. They're a species from a neighboring star system to ours. We've been at war with them for over a tera-ganadan.

[[The three begin walking away.]]
Justin: What do these "Physarics" look like?
[[Behind them, a hand appears, holding a pistol and pointing it at them.]]
Voice: [From off panel, in a normal tone of voice] Conveniently, whatever we NEED to look like.

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