General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[The two Greys have lead Justin through the U.G.A. tunnels and have stopped at a corridor marked "Solitary Confinement". There #3141592 (Pi) has removed a ventilation grill from the wall and scampered into the ventilation shaft beyond.]]
Justin: Whoa!

[[Justin stops #6626068 (Planck) as it is about to enter the shaft behind #3141592.]]
Justin: [Whispering] I can't fit in there! You save my life just to desert me?
#6626068: [Whispering] Just wait! We just have to get our "ride"!

[[Justin watches the two through a window over where the grill was. He grimaces.]]
Justin: Well... crap.

[[We see over his shoulder as he looks through the window. The two Greys are clambering over the "Mr. Inertia" mech and climbing inside.
Justin: I... didn't see THAT coming...

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