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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Back in the living room of Fooker's apartment, Justin wraps up his narration of what happened to him and the two Greys in the U.G.A. tunnels.]]
Justin: As we always suspected, nothing could contain Inertia once "he" got started. We steamrolled our way right out of the complex and into the surrounding forest.

Sharon: How did you manage to lose them?
Justin: That's the odd part. We didn't stop for quite some time, but we never saw signs of pursuit.
Fooker: He let you go.

Fooker: [concentrating deeply] He knew the first thing you'd think of would be to warn me, to tell me about him, the U.G.A., the aliens... everything. He had a message, and you dutifully delivered it.

Justin: [plaintively] We had nowhere to turn...
Fooker: Not blaming ya, bro. But you can't hide something THAT big. You've lead them right to us.
[[#6626068 (Planck) cringes at the news.]]

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