General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trudy is approached by Annette at the client's site.]]
Annette: There you are! I was hoping to catch you before your next meeting.
Trudy: Yes?

Annette: I spoke to Nick after his demo a little bit ago. He was asking if I had seen you...
Trudy: Oh. Yes, I wanted to get started early today, so I left him at the hotel.

Annette: [looking relieved] Oh, good! I was starting to get worried that I upset you two with what I said last night...
Trudy: [waving her hand dismissively] No, if I'm mad at HIM, it's definitely not YOUR fault.

[[Trudy walks off, leaving Annette looking sad and confused.]]
Annette: Oh... good.

References: Annette's faux pas
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