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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Socrates has just surprised Fred by calling him "brother". Trish, Patty, and Dexter are attempting to get more information.]]
Trish: B-brother! You m-mean like --
Socrates: [interrupting] Comrade. Compatriot. Alas, we are not genetically linked, save for some distant shared ancestors.

Dexter: [pointing at Socrates] So you ARE a slime mold, then.
Socrates: "Slime mold"? Oh, yes. That's what you've been calling "Fred", isn't it? I guess by some crude comparison that seems appropriate.

Socrates: In truth, however, you planet has no closer analogous species, and your "slime molds" are far to primitive to make a true comparison.
Patty: [wide-eyed] Excuse me, but did you just say, "OUR planet"?

Socrates: Yes. I believe your species would calls us extra-terrestrials, or more succinctly, "aliens".
Fred: Za-wha...?

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