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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Fred (and Persephone, hiding in Trish's purse) are talking to Socrates in the junkyard's office. They're all trying to cheer Socrates up a bit.]]
Dex: Hey, Socrates! We "natives" aren't hostile! Fred is our friend! We love this little guy, and we can be your friends too!

Trish: Y-yes! W-we'll help you any w-way we can!
Patty: [rolling her eyes] Short of handing over the entire planet, of course...

Patty: Look, we may be "primitive" and not have any spare space ships handy, but maybe if you share your story with us, we might find some way to help.

Socrates: Since I doubt any of our brethren will ever find us here, I suppose... it wouldn't hurt to share the tale of how we arrived here...

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